Vote in Today’s US Midterm Elections

Vote in Today’s US Midterm Elections

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Today, across the United States, Americans will go to the polls and vote in the US Midterm Elections. Voting is our most fundamental responsibility as citizens — without it, our American democracy wouldn’t exist. is a platform that gives everyday people the ability to share their voice and…

What I want from an Apple product

Well, now that we’ve seen what Apple can do without Steve Jobs I think it is time to tailor our expectations for Apple. A bit about me, I am an Apple user. I used to be a PC user, but found Microsoft to be wonky, janky, and a bit limiting because I am a creative person. … Continue reading

How to Survive Feeding Your Twins

How to Survive Feeding Your Twins

    Being a first-time parent to twins is an extraordinary experience. I never run out of baby cuteness because I’ve got four chunky thighs to pinch, four cherub cheeks to kiss, and four little dimpled hands to hold. If that isn’t enough watching them comfort each other by holding hands is enough to make … Continue reading

Something is Different

Last night I had a dream of a cliff that was different than all of the other dreams I’ve had. Usually when I dream of a cliff I am perilously close to falling off. Sometimes I do. I don’t see myself fall but I feel the terror. But last night I went off the cliff … Continue reading

Becoming Nothing

I’ve slowly been becoming nothing. I started out eager to succeed and I am still eager. However, I’ve gone from wanting to climb the corporate ladder to being completely disgusted by corporate life. I quit my job 3 years ago. Since then I’ve planned my wedding, moved to Milwaukee where I have taken classes. I … Continue reading

Why Monopolies Are Bad for Customer Service

FedEx is a monopoly on priority overnight and international shipments. To me they used to be the go-to if you wanted the impossible done. But that is not the case anymore. I’ve had two experiences with them that have made me want to never use them again. Unfortunately, there is no other option for priority … Continue reading

The Mother-In-Law

This post has been lingering in me for about a month. It took awhile for me to realize it for what it was, but now I do, and here it is. My mother-in-law is visiting. Actually my husband’s parents are visiting, but his dad is such a non-issue, I only notice my mother-in-law. She was … Continue reading