Today a Tree Taught me Who I am

I’ve been searching and searching my whole life and am just now coming close to getting a handle on myself. My talents, my superpower, how I process and make connections, has been nebulous. I needed more data. I’m a late bloomer.

Today’s success is a culmination of small epiphany’s over time. A major recent breakthrough happened when I met with my new friend Christine, who is a High Priestess. She described her religion as not being wicca, but being about the authentic self– how put who you are in to what you do.

I’ve been thinking about that statement for a few weeks now. So when I went on a short nature walk this afternoon I was primed to make a discovery that is quite difficult to put into words.

The path was covered in leaves, mostly brown leaves. Then I came upon a tree that had not shed all of its leaves yet. They were yellow and it had made the whole area yellow.  So I came out of brown into the world of yellow and I noticed how I processed this reality.

Then after picking up my favorite leaves to take home, I walked back and noticed a tree with seemingly sunbleached colors to its bark. It was tall, and I looked up to notice lovely caramel brown tufts of leaves still on its branches way up there. They were blowing in the wind and it was beautiful against the blue-gray sky. Frustrated that I’d left my phone at home, I couldn’t capture the moment so I was forced to think about what it was that I would capture.

That’s when I realized how I processed my reality in terms of color chunks and distilled concepts. It’s a simplicity that seems to be rewarded by my current position as a technical writer. But also, I’ve been looking for my superpower position as an artist and I think I’m going to go with this idea.

So, then I got these visual ideas of walking through life and making connections with color and feeling, visual worlds of color reality. Color processing of already processed reality.



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