Why Monopolies Are Bad for Customer Service

FedEx is a monopoly on priority overnight and international shipments. To me they used to be the go-to if you wanted the impossible done. But that is not the case anymore. I’ve had two experiences with them that have made me want to never use them again. Unfortunately, there is no other option for priority … Continue reading

The Mother-In-Law

This post has been lingering in me for about a month. It took awhile for me to realize it for what it was, but now I do, and here it is. My mother-in-law is visiting. Actually my husband’s parents are visiting, but his dad is such a non-issue, I only notice my mother-in-law. She was … Continue reading

This blog is ab…

This blog is about walls we find in ourselves and the process of tearing them down, and then the successes we have after the transition. Well, I’ve been dealing with an old wall, one that must be built of something really strong because it keeps coming back. I’ve certainly chipped at it, but in different … Continue reading

puppy potty-training

We recently got the cutest puppy. He is now five months old. We got him at 2.5 months = 10 weeks. ¬†As the good parents we are, we have properly introduced him to our other dog and now they love each other, play all the time and George has even learned valuable lessons from C.J.–like … Continue reading

Wedding Weight Loss Regiment

Ok, so we got super busy and I haven’t kept up posting. My dress was taken in several inches, and I looked amazing on my wedding day. Being at my mom’s the days before, my diet wavered a bit due to the availability of food in the house. So I had pizza on a non-cheat … Continue reading

Wedding Weight loss Regiment 8

With only 32 days until my wedding, I’m hitting cruising altitude. I have lost inches and pounds on the slow-carb diet/paleo diet. I’m still 9 lbs away from my wedding goal and 14 pounds away from my ideal weight. Can I lose it in 32 days? I think so. Here is my plan: Hot yoga … Continue reading

Wedding weight-loss regiment 7

The other day during our tango practica I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and instead of cringing, I was surprised by what I saw. What has changed? Not so much the scale, but I’ve adapted part of the slow-carb diet to more of a paleo diet in the evenings. My way of … Continue reading

Wedding Weight Loss Regiment 6

Hi, I’ve been on the slow-carb diet for three weeks now. I love my cheat days and they do enable me to restrict calories on the other six days of the week. Protein in the morning helps to stave off my appetite for nearly five hours, which is huge. The increase in protein gives me … Continue reading

Figuring out what you are good at

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching so that eventually I can spend less time tangled-in-time. However, the very act of soul searching can leave one quite tangled-in-space-and-time as one processes all of the data of one’s soul in order to complete the search. Then one must know what one is looking for … Continue reading