What I want from an Apple product

Well, now that we’ve seen what Apple can do without Steve Jobs I think it is time to tailor our expectations for Apple. A bit about me, I am an Apple user. I used to be a PC user, but found Microsoft to be wonky, janky, and a bit limiting because I am a creative person.

I prefer the Apple design, simplicity, and integration with Adobe, Wacom, other open source programs, as well as Apple’s own products. I use the iPhone, I have an iMac, an Apple Air, and Airport. My husband has a Macbook Pro, and a Mac Pro. I use Final Cut Pro 7 (despite the fact that it often suddenly quits), and the Adobe Master Collection. I am completely sworn to Apple, and to Adobe, for that matter.

A few things have happened this past couple of years that have shaken my conviction. Apple decided to give Adobe a run for its money when I upgraded to Mavericks. Suddenly my Adobe (which I own outright) products did not work! Also, my iMac disk player stopped working. My husband had a slew of problems with his Macbook Pro and had to have his operating system reinstalled. My Western Digital storage no longer works seamlessly with my iMac and is basically unusable. I got lucky and did not lose all of my information like others did. As a side note, Airport is not archival and I need an archive because I work with large video files, hence my Western Digital storage. Since Mavericks, we have both had slower startups and other tweaky issues.

Apple sends updates claiming they are fixing your camera, or Safari, but are actually fixing these wonky mistakes and sometimes adding other-than-Google-like-features to your Safari, that are just plain janky. So, now, out of the blue, my CD drive works again. I was able to find the fix Adobe provided for their products. It seems Apple mis judges their customer base as being stupid and if they keep up their wonky ways they may be surprised at how smart their customers are.

At this point, it is clear Apple is just another hardware/software company with a few great products to which people are loyal. What Apple should do is maintain those products to be the best of their class for what they already do. Make their iMac faster, lighter, bigger, with more accurate color display. Make their Macbook pro the fastest laptop around with all of the features of their other computers. Make the Macbook Air light, and as fast as the Macbook pro. side note: probably should combine features of the Air and Macbook Pro into one great, light, and fast laptop since the tablet is so popular.

What I really want from Apple is for the products I own and regularly buy to work, not bend, to have long battery life, and to be affordable. That last request is not even as important as the previous requests. I want my products to work. I already love the Apple design that I’ve been using for years. So, if they make a few changes, I’m cool with that, but what I’m not cool with is a product that doesn’t work for me, or that bends in my pocket.

I know I’m not alone in saying this, but Apple, just needs to work on stability and feature integration. They need to shake hands with Google again because their maps product is inferior. If I had one wish for the map app, it would be for spell check and a more liberal search in the case of a misspelling. The other day I looked for “Cocun day spa, milwaukee” and got “no result” because I had misspelled “Cocon”! Let’s get real, that is a basic search 101 feature!

So, as Christmas draws near, if I could talk to the great Santa Apple Clause, I would have one wish: please work on stable products that work they way they did when Jobs was alive and realize that you just aren’t the same innovative company you used to be and that it is ok, because you already rule the world. Don’t mess it up with trying to be something you aren’t by over stretching your limits. Also, Adobe is amazing so if you disentangle their products from your support considerations on purpose you are screwing yourself too. Now Adobe is already screwing themselves with this cloud bullshit–or maybe I’m being screwed when I have to switch, but that is another blog post and the outcome is still undecided for me.

I suppose if Apple had really good creative products, like Adobe, they would win me over when Adobe stops updating my CS6. Solid products, that’s it. Don’t go the way of Microsoft! Don’t do it!


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