Morgan’s Gourmet Vegan Gastronomique delights

Here are my amazing recipes. Enjoy and share with others. Most are best eaten with good company and flamboyant conversation. Also, try pairing with wine or chocolate.



After looking for just the right kimchi recipe that describes how I learned to make it from my Chinese mother-in-law, I’ve decided to write my own.

Here is what you need:

1 head of Napa Cabbabe

1 cup of granulated sugar

2 or 3 cups of white vinegar

about 5 cloves of garlic

1 large ginger root

green onions

Korean chili powder

What you do first:

Wash the cabbage then sprinkle salt onto the cabbage on both sides of each leaf. Be prepared for water to wilt out of the leaves so place in a colander or on paper towels. Leave for 12 hours.


After 12 hours wash the cabbage to get all of the salt off. Then chop it into chunks and place into a large jar where the other ingredients will go.


Pour enough white vinegar to reach about 2/3rds the way up to the level the cabbage reaches. Chop up garlic, ginger, and green onion enough to mix evenly into the cabbage. Add a lot of Korean chili paste along with 1 cup of sugar. Mix it all together making sure all of the cabbage is coated with all of the ingredients.


Close the lid to the jar and let the solution sit for three days. After the third day test it. You’ll know if you’ve done it right 🙂

I’ve stumbled upon something amazing! An avocado, banana and apple sandwich! I’m calling it the ABA sandwich.

What you need:

1 ripe avocado (1/2 per sandwich)

1 crunchy apple (1/2 per sandwich)

1 perfect banana (1/2 per sandwich)

2 pieces of bread

1 tbs of cayenne pepper

This recipe can be cut in half by using 1/2 of each ingredient listed above.

Toast two slices of bread. While the bread is toasting peel the banana and slice the banana into thin slices. Cut the avocado. Take a knife and chop the pit so that it attaches to the knife, then remove it from the avocado. Slice the inside of the avocado into slender parts then use a spoon to scoop out the sliced avocado. Place a little bit of the avocado aside to spread on the other piece of toast at the end. If the bread is toast by now, you can spoon the avocado onto one of the slices and sprinkle with 1/2 tbs of cayenne pepper. You can use the whole avocado if you want, but it is easier to manage if you use 1/2 per sandwich. Next, secure the banana slices on top of the avocado and cayenne pepper by pressing them into the mushy avocado a bit (not too hard though), then place the apple slices on top of the banana. Last but not least, spread the remaining avocado onto the other piece of toast and sprinkle with the rest of the cayenne pepper, then stack the toast on top of the apple. Now you have an amazing sandwich! Bon appetite!

Here is another sandwich that you’ll love. This one is less sweet than the ABA sandwich. It has cucumber, apple, and avocado on toasted bread.

You need:

one avocado

one crisp apple

about six cucumber slices

cayenne pepper

soft shelled hemp seed

cacao nibs (optional)

two slices of healthy bread

Toast the bread and while the bread is toasting slice the apple into thin slices. Slice half of the avocado as well. You can use the whole avocado if you wish for a more meaty sandwich.

Spread avocado on one slice of toast, then cover the avocado with apple. Then sprinkle about a tablespoon of cayenne pepper (use less if you do not like spice as much) on top of the apple. Cover the apple with cucumber slices. You can add one or two layers, depending on what you prefer. Then as a last touch, I like to add hemp seeds and cacao nibs on top of the cucumber. You can add just the hemp seeds too. This sandwich packs a powerful crunch.


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