Got Swooped On

I had an opportunity. I had a starter gig. It was never perfect because the executive producer did not pay me much and ran everything on a last minute schedule. I worked hard. I also waited many months for the gig as the producer/Chef talent kept delaying  production costing me even more money. We were … Continue reading

Today a Tree Taught me Who I am

I’ve been searching and searching my whole life and am just now coming close to getting a handle on myself. My talents, my superpower, how I process and make connections, has been nebulous. I needed more data. I’m a late bloomer. Today’s success is a culmination of small epiphany’s over time. A major recent breakthrough … Continue reading

Startup Starter Idea

Things have been a bit crazy for me lately as I transition from art school to the real world. I’ve found myself wearing many hats and then none again as I find the perfect path for me. When I think of what my skill set is and see how I apply it I realize that … Continue reading

comforting times

fried okra, homemade mac and cheese, sounds of children playing outside, watermelon, trust, love, breeze from the ceiling fan blowing on my little boys skin as they drift off to sleep. these are some of the most comforting things. breakfast with my husband near an open window, hearing the cicada singing, birds chirping, warm air blowing … Continue reading

Vote in Today’s US Midterm Elections

Vote in Today’s US Midterm Elections

Originally posted on The Blog:
Today, across the United States, Americans will go to the polls and vote in the US Midterm Elections. Voting is our most fundamental responsibility as citizens — without it, our American democracy wouldn’t exist. is a platform that gives everyday people the ability to share their voice…

What I want from an Apple product

Well, now that we’ve seen what Apple can do without Steve Jobs I think it is time to tailor our expectations for Apple. A bit about me, I am an Apple user. I used to be a PC user, but found Microsoft to be wonky, janky, and a bit limiting because I am a creative person. … Continue reading

How to Survive Feeding Your Twins

How to Survive Feeding Your Twins

    Being a first-time parent to twins is an extraordinary experience. I never run out of baby cuteness because I’ve got four chunky thighs to pinch, four cherub cheeks to kiss, and four little dimpled hands to hold. If that isn’t enough watching them comfort each other by holding hands is enough to make … Continue reading

Something is Different

Last night I had a dream of a cliff that was different than all of the other dreams I’ve had. Usually when I dream of a cliff I am perilously close to falling off. Sometimes I do. I don’t see myself fall but I feel the terror. But last night I went off the cliff … Continue reading

Becoming Nothing

I’ve slowly been becoming nothing. I started out eager to succeed and I am still eager. However, I’ve gone from wanting to climb the corporate ladder to being completely disgusted by corporate life. I quit my job 3 years ago. Since then I’ve planned my wedding, moved to Milwaukee where I have taken classes. I … Continue reading