Startup Starter Idea

Things have been a bit crazy for me lately as I transition from art school to the real world. I’ve found myself wearing many hats and then none again as I find the perfect path for me.

When I think of what my skill set is and see how I apply it I realize that I would be a good person to help get start-ups off the ground. I’ve actually been doing this for StoryRobin Inc. It turns out I am really good at marketing, and I’m also really good at user and task analysis, I am also really good at filmmaking and animation, and writing, so that makes me multifaceted and helpful.

At the beginning, a startup may not even have a solid business plan. it may have early success from a genius idea but need to figure out how to continue producing profits. That is where I come in. With my background in philosophy, I am used to asking hard questions, and lots of them. I am also fine with super abstract thinking and wheeling and dealing in the world of possibility as I determine the real life applicability of ideas from logical standpoint. I do this by reaching out to a targeted audience and querying them.

This is the beginning of a marketing plan, which I now have experience in formulating. My next step is to gain experience in producing results from the marketing plan. I find this to be the hardest part because usually there is a branding problem that needs to be addressed in order to execute the marketing plan. However, early startupers are desperate for business and their heads are spinning too much to worry about the nitty gritty of website development. And things are chaotic with stress and fear of failure. This is why my friend Rose has started VegaLab Ventures

So, my next step is where I gain my niche. I need to produce results on a shoestring. However, I also need money to get started.

So this is my idea. I’m putting it out there in its inception to see where it goes. I want to be a step in the incubation process that deals with the formulating of the plan and the inception of the first stage first year marketing plan that gets things going.

I can do this with filmmakers looking to formulate their premise for their next screenplay, or stage of development, myself (haha), entrepreneurs with an idea, those who have early success and want to move forward with their idea.

So my business plan and marketing plan…..


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