When it’s tough to write–you should write

I haven’t wanted to really blog for awhile. It’s not because I don’t like writing, it is because I was focused on reporting my wedding weight loss success and failures. It was such a personal thing and so much happened in my head that it was difficult to bring out a good post. Since the wedding I’ve received a lot of gifts, almost recovered from my planning woes, and caught up with most of my friends. I still haven’t heard from my maid of honor though.

The gift thing has been strange. My kitchen has gone from crappy to totally fabulous as the crusinet and all clad brand items have invaded. It is lovely, but I do experience covetous and greedy feelings as I open the next gift knowing or hoping for a particular item. Then there were the red envelopes. wow! They had a lot of money in them. I have 45 thank you cards to write and haven’t started them. I’m still moving in to our new place in Milwaukee.

I’ve also started classes and am essentially in graduate school. I’m looking for work here too.

There are so many cool thoughts and processes I’ve gone through in the past couple of months, but I haven’t wanted to make the effort to write them. I’m still thinking about it, but my current theory is that I am somewhat risk adverse. That is not the path to fame. Risk is what it takes and being a risky writer is where it is at.

So, just as one wall falls down another is exposed! When it is tough to write, it is possible that is exactly when you should write. I’m going to take my own advise and see where it takes me.


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