Wedding Weight Loss Regiment

Ok, so we got super busy and I haven’t kept up posting. My dress was taken in several inches, and I looked amazing on my wedding day.

Being at my mom’s the days before, my diet wavered a bit due to the availability of food in the house. So I had pizza on a non-cheat day, but had hardly eaten anything at all that day so wasn’t too worried about the calories. However, I am really aware of how bad carbs make me feel overall.

So now that I’m married and have recovered from the wedding planning fiasco, I’ve gone back to the slow carb/paleo diet because I feel so much better.

My plan is to allow for blue berries and some other berries in my daily routine because long term, I don’t think it is good to avoid fruit on a daily basis. So, I’m choosing fruit with low glycemic index and that provides something I can’t easily get from a vitamin.

All in all, I have accomplished gaining control over my eating and that was the point. I’m so thrilled to have unblocked my path towards living a life that is measured in my eating habits.

I also got a food scale for my wedding so I plan to use it!

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