Wedding Weight loss Regiment 8

With only 32 days until my wedding, I’m hitting cruising altitude. I have lost inches and pounds on the slow-carb diet/paleo diet. I’m still 9 lbs away from my wedding goal and 14 pounds away from my ideal weight. Can I lose it in 32 days?

I think so. Here is my plan:

Hot yoga every other day; continue tango practica at least twice a week until July 21st. After I fly to California I will not have access to hot yoga or tango so I’ll jog and rollerblade everyday.

I will continue eating a low glycemic-high-protein diet six days a week, with one cheat day allowed. However, I will work on lowering my caloric intake by eating leaner meat and smaller servings.

I have increased my probiotic food intake. But, I am becoming less regular about taking the PAGG supplements Tim Ferris recommends. I’m not sure that I notice a difference, but I have had difficulty entering a ketosis state, which may be the difference.

To lose weight, is going to be uncomfortable at some point. I will feel hunger each day. That is the only way. When I am in California, I will avoid eating dinner as much as possible.

I’ll check in here midway through the next phase to report how I am doing.

What diet tricks do you have? I would like to know them.

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