Wedding Weight Loss Regiment 6


I’ve been on the slow-carb diet for three weeks now. I love my cheat days and they do enable me to restrict calories on the other six days of the week. Protein in the morning helps to stave off my appetite for nearly five hours, which is huge. The increase in protein gives me energy and I notice how carbs tire me on my cheat day. I am now a complete and embarrassing light weight when I drink beer. I seem to still be able to take wine though.

My weight has wavered but not gone down. I have not dropped any significant amount of fat. Not to worry too much though, I feel as though I’m on the edge of weight loss and going to top over on the side of sudden weight loss soon. The reason is that I’ve gained control of what I put into my body. Yes, my food is boring, yet satisfying, so I no longer relish in all of the new flavors that I can’t stop eating. Nowdaays I just eat a meal because my body needs it. This is an improved attitude. On my cheat days, I don’t think about any rules, I just eat. That is the day to take me to a fine French restaurant or to a poutine cafe!

So, with this new control I have, I’ve also increased my exercise a lot. I’m riding my bike everywhere now, jogging with the dog every night, and attending a yoga class every other day, as well as practicing tango three or four times a week.

The scale has not moved, but the weight has got to drop off soon. On average I’m consuming no more than 1300 calories per day.

If I don’t loose weight soon I will have to go back to more drastic measures though because my deadline is approaching.



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