Wedding Weight Loss Regiment 5


It has been a few weeks since I have updated my blog on my progress. first I was sick for a week or so and exercise was limited due to my chest cold. Also during one of those weeks we traveled back to California to take care of some wedding arrangements and in the airport on the return flight we bought Tim Ferris’s book “4 Hour Body.”  He proposes a diet called the slow-carb diet. It involves a lot of protein, beans, and cruciferous vegetables. It does not allow potatoes, flower, rice, sugar, beer,  or any white food except for cauliflower. So, no oatmeal, or grain of any kind six days out of the week. But on one day, the seventh day, you can have anything you want.

I’ve been on this diet for  one week and have noticed a few differences. First, the protein in the morning does stablise my metabolism and prevents me from being hungry for a long time. The beans and vegetables along with the protein leave me feeling healthy and satisfied.

I have gone of my vegan diet for this diet because of my long-time suspicion that I was gaining weight due to the high carb default in the vegan diet.

Please don’t think less of me. I am planning to work my way back to a vegan alternative ASAP, but first I am loosing all of the weight I gained.

On this diet, I have a ton of energy! I just had my first binge day, Saturday, and vegetarian food was at the top of my list so I ate pizza, soon tofu, drank a cocktail, almond milk, gelato, a candy bar, and black licorice. He says to totally pig out so I did!  Half-way through the day, I had a strong desire to take a nap and by the end of the day, my stomach was hurting in the worst way. It felt like my digestive track wanted to burst out of my body.

I also started taking his recommended supplements yesterday so there might be a correlation between those and my digestive issues.  Today is my second day on the supplements so I will be able to determine the effects of those on my system.

I haven’t lost weight on this diet yet, but I think I will, if I figure out how to work it for my body. His book does seem geared towards the obese and males. Fortunately I am not obese and not male. However, my fiance is male and he is also on this diet. He has lost a couple of pounds and feels that his blood sugar is more stable. So far, he is not impressed with the claim of 20 lbs in 30 days, yet.

I will give this another week. This week, I will continue to take the PAGG supplement package he prescribes, as well as adhere to the specifics of the diet; however, I am going to cut my portions quite a bit, and not eat beans at every meal. I’ve read that some females found the diet to be too calorie dense with all of the beans and that cutting them helped them to drop weight faster.

till next time.

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