Wedding Weight Loss Regiment 4

I weighed yesterday and believe that it is safe to say that I’ve lost another two pounds. I’m down to 141! I started at 153. My goal is to be down to 125 by August. It would be great to achieve my total weight loss by my last fitting at the end of July. It is now May 5th.

Lately I’ve noticed the importance of drinking water when trying to lose weight. Every morning I fill up a 64oz water bottle with filtered water. Currently my water bottle is BPA-free plastic, but I’m on the lookout for a stainless steel water bottle that is inherently benzene and BPA free. After seeing the movie Tapped, I know this is important.

This two pounds was lost mostly by drinking water and increasing my calcium while also limiting my food intake. I have been suffering from a cold for the past two weeks so I have not done yoga or gone jogging. However, I have ridden my bike and walked a bit. Nonetheless, my recent weight loss  shows the importance of keeping hydrated and eating a high-calcium-low-fat diet.

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