Wedding Weight Loss Regiment 3

The regiment is going ok. I PIGGed out on homemade sushi. I just couldn’t see any go to waste so we made sure to finish 1.25 lb of fish two nights in a row!! My only salvation is that sushi is low fat, low calorie, and filled with omegas.

Anyway, the guilt has worked for me. Since them I have been the example of restraint. Well, and example for the impoverished, not for Hollywood types, yet.

It has been a week now since applying a no wheat glutton, and alcohol parameter to my eating. I feel great, but have not lost any weight. We have a family friend who lost 50 pounds by eliminating wheat and alcohol. I don’t believe I have an allergy which causes me to gain weight, but I do know that both are sources of empty calories I’d rather spend elsewhere, for a while.

I still haven’t signed up for that yoga class because I came down with a chest cold/hay fever issue. Nonetheless, I must do it tomorrow because it is the last day to do it.

Tonight I had steamed veggies with no olive oil. Instead I made a wasabi vinegrette. It was totally experimental so once I get the recipe finalized, I’ll add it to my vegan recipes page. I have not been eating any fat unless it is paired with calcium such as in hemp, soy, or almond milk, and sardines. Studies show that adding calcium to your diet increases the chances of weight loss.

I definitely feel lighter and cleaner even though the pounds haven’t shed at the speed of light. I know they will, if I keep it up.

‘cough’- ‘cough’- now I will go take a hot bath.

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