Wedding Weight Loss Regiment 2

It has been three days since I’ve weighed or posted. I have been doing well on my diet. My focus is one changing my relationship towards food. I’ve been doing this by practicing doing what is right for me and not giving in to my peers. This was my common issue, you may have a different one. Nonetheless, change can be inacted in a similar way.

Most importantly, you must identify the change you need to affect and then create extreme circumstances where you must make a choice that is in your best interest. Then you must repeat the scenerio over and over again.

Mine is to watch people eat without eating and without wanting to eat. I have gone to dinner on three occasions where people are eating. I had eaten earlier, and something that was very low fat. I held conversation and maintained a friendly uplifting demeanor while others ate. Doing this strengthens my ability to choose to eat what I want, when I want, and as little as I want. As opposed to giving into the temptation of tasting everything or going for seconds.

In addition to making these important choices for myself, I have been focusing on increasing my exercise regiment. My goal is to jog three times a week, do push-ups everyday, and to do yoga everyday. I have not done any yoga yet.

Soon I will have to fast again. I’m trying to decide whether I will do a different type of fast or go back to the master cleanse.


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