Wedding Weight Loss Regiment 1

Over the last two days I’ve broken my fast with orange juice. Yesterday I ate a very small soup and bread lunch and then a bit larger soup and sweet potato french fry dinner. The kicker was the wine and beer we had. Guests were over. I did well with food but proceeded to get very drunk on very little alcohol, which in turn, meant that I forgot my limits and drank more. Then I got very hungry as my body was trying to deal with the alcohol in my system. Well, actually it wasn’t hunger so much as I was munchy.

So, while I was good about cutting my soup portion in half and only having a few french fries, I totally blew it by dieting standards yesterday.

What wise words of wisdom can I depart on you today? Well, when one errors, never lose hope–just get back on track and be willing to make up for it with increased will power and stamina. So, today, I’ve been a bit hung over and funky. Tomorrow, I am back on juice and will join that yoga class I was talking about.


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