Wedding Weight Loss Regiment

My wedding is four months away and I am still twenty pounds over my ideal weight. What am I going to do about it? Change my relationship towards food so that I never have to loose twenty pounds again! I am going to loose weight safely but quickly.

First I have been fasting using the master cleanse method. I drink lemonade, sweetened with maple syrup and flavoured with cayenne pepper. I have done this on and off for three weeks breaking it each time with orange juice in preparation for a situation where eating or drinking is unavoidable.

This is tough but a great way to start to shake loose old eating habits. Through the fasting experience I have learned that I need to make better decisions regarding how much to eat, when to eat and how to deal with hunger. I have also learned that I like feeling hungry and that I am not happy when I am too full. These are important discoveries.

Because of this, my plan is to continue telling myself that I am essentially fasting in order to stay in the strict mentality of not being able to eat whenever and whatever I want. However, I will start to break my fast again with orange juice, but instead of going back to eating regularly like I have done in the past, I will continue to keep myself hungry never eating enough to be full for longer than one hour or so.

This will be tough and will require a lot of discipline. My diet will consist of:

1 avocado, 1 can of sardine, steamed vegetables, water, orange juice, lemonade

If I need to eat something different because of a social situation I will trade out the avocado, sardine, and vegetables for whatever the meal is. In these situations it will be pertinent that I order appetizer portions and take home some to eat later.

In addition to cutting back on my normal eating habits I will increase exercise. Currently I walk the dog three or four times a day, jogging one of those times two or thee times a weeek. Since it is warming up, I plan to add roller blading at least twice a week to my current regiment. Also, next week I will do yoga everyday and on Fridays my fiance and I are taking tango lessons which will keep us on our feet for one and a half hours.

Today I am starting this blog to record my progress and my thoughts on what works and what doesn’t. Today I weigh 143.

I hope to get this tangle untied so that I never have to loose weight like this again.

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