About starting a blog

I’m a technical writer with a creative side that is begging to be put in charge so I’m starting this blog as my creative medium to discuss things that are non-technical. I want explore pertinent topics at the intersection of career and life, which for me involve travel, food, adventure and investigations into cultural nuances and of course, getting ahead of the rat-race that is the corporate world.  For example, did you know that Al pastor, a lovely meaty seasoning usually used on pork, is a cross between middle eastern cooking spices and Mexican food cooking? Basically it is the shawarma of taco meat.  Of course, I’m vegan so I no longer eat such meat. Nonetheless, as a foodie, I appreciate the unique cultural melding that goes into this dish with fond memories dancing in my head. Tidbits like that interest me and I plan to share them here while also discussing more serious topics such as how to get what you want out of life and be the person you’ve always dreamed of being. Anyway, I hope to mug your interest with my informative and culturally relevant posts.

I do have several  concerns about writing this blog which are worth mentioning. One concern is, that my blog will not interest anyone. I love reading Penelope Trunk’s blog. I’ve learned so much perspective from her and even though sometimes, actually most of the time, her process is transparent, she still manages to be catchy and interesting. Through the Brazen Careerist website I have happened upon loads of very relevant career information by joining interest groups focused on sharing ideas and knowledge. People are really good about sharing information there. I’ve learned about Odesk and Elance for freelance work and to keep up with the latest technology. Most importantly, through my meanderings on the web, I’ve found a website run by Lea Woodward on how to become location independent. I took a 12 week challenge and didn’t finish but got a lot of information on how to start my own business, particularly a location independent one.  In my pursuit of a more location independent life I’ve been introduced to Seth Godin’s marketing perspectives and think his strategies outline the best approach for marketing in today’s media environment. His book “The Dip” has changed my thinking and I highly suggest it to everybody. It’s just one of those books everybody should read. I think children should read it early on in life so that they are armed with information about when to struggle through a problem, when to quit and move on but also what the benefits of struggling really are.

The other is that nobody will ever read my blog and that it will sit out in the flogiston, which is the world-wide-web-of-wonders, and never be found. I hear that is a common concern plaguing bloggers around the world, maybe not the flogiston part but the never being found part. My old blog did have an audience, a crazed ex-boyfriend. I’d like to find a better audience, one that inquires into the topics discussed here and even adds their own content, which I hope are not jealous psycho-induced narcissistic in nature. I love meeting smart inquisitive people. So, I really hope that regularly blogging and getting my online image out there into the online chain of connectivity, will help to bring readers to this blog.

To make a long story short, I hope that my blog turns out to be as informative and interesting as some of the other blogs I’ve read. I invite comments, suggestions and new information from my readers and hope that they’ll share my blog with others as I introduce new posts.



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